Gluteal weakness and knee issues

Anyone that knows me, knows I focus on the strength and function of gluteals to be essential for better movement. Active Motion Therapeutics’ focus is to get people on condition and strength programs, create functional mobility and help people to prevent possible future injuries. Massage therapy can also help with helping maintain proper muscle function. Book an appointment here

Over the next few weeks, we will review some gluteal exercises and strengthening patterns.

“Medial knee collapse, also known as knee valgus, is when the knee collapses or falls inward during any sort of weight bearing activity, like a squat, during gait, or during sport specific movements like cutting. Knee valgus is characterized by hip adduction and hip internal rotation in a flexed hip position. This position of the knee is most commonly associated with a non-contact mechanism of injury of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL), and occurs in the running or jumping athlete during the deceleration phase of a cutting movement.”


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