Concussion issues in our youth

Great article reposted.

Parents should be aware of the pitfalls of concussions in our youth.

“This fall, the deaths of three high school football players were linked to direct head injuries on the field of play and one collegiate football player’s death has been potentially attributed to unresolved post concussion syndrome. Even though these athletes were football players, any sporting or recreational events can pose a risk for concussions and head injuries.

Children have smaller brains in relation to their skulls. Compared to an adult, the young child brain has less mass and more cerebrospinal fluid between the brain and the skull. By way of analogy the child’s brain is like the egg yolk in an egg – there is room for it to move. Because children’s brains have less mass in relation to the skull, their brains experience more acceleration. This means the brain can hit the skull with more force.”

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