Reasons why your weight loss may be losing

“Are you working out endlessly only to have the number on the scale never budge — or even worse, go up?  This frustrating effect is actually quite common. Before you give up on working out, see if any of these reasons might be to blame”


Ankle Dorsiflexion for Squats!

So before we start the gluteal series, let’s start with one helpful video for improving the squat. This will also improve range of motion for ankle sprain injuries. This video done by The Prehab Guys demonstrates how it’s done.

Improve your Dorsiflexion and you will be able to reach deeper squat position. This is of course for people with no permanent damage issues.

At Active Motion Therapeutics can help assess Range of Motion and assess for better squat.

Gluteal weakness and knee issues

Anyone that knows me, knows I focus on the strength and function of gluteals to be essential for better movement. Active Motion Therapeutics’ focus is to get people on condition and strength programs, create functional mobility and help people to prevent possible future injuries. Massage therapy can also help with helping maintain proper muscle function. Book an appointment here

Over the next few weeks, we will review some gluteal exercises and strengthening patterns.

“Medial knee collapse, also known as knee valgus, is when the knee collapses or falls inward during any sort of weight bearing activity, like a squat, during gait, or during sport specific movements like cutting. Knee valgus is characterized by hip adduction and hip internal rotation in a flexed hip position. This position of the knee is most commonly associated with a non-contact mechanism of injury of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL), and occurs in the running or jumping athlete during the deceleration phase of a cutting movement.”

Massage Therapy effect on DOMS

Interesting evidence based study on massage therapy and its role in delayed onset muscle soreness DOMS

“… we were able to identify several recovery techniques that can be used after a single exercise session to induce a reduction in DOMS and/or perceived fatigue. Among them, massage seems to be the most effective for both DOMS and perceived fatigue.”

At Active Motion Therapeutics we strive to find you beneficial information and use evidence based practice to provide safe treatment.